A feature on this evening’s which can reduce the cost and toxicity of cadmium telurite PV cells. Apparently cadmium chloride is an essential element to make the cell work … but researchers from Liverpool University have discovered that magnesium chloride can be substituted with no reduction in efficiency. Cadmium telluride cells in themselves are, apparently, a

Nest Thermostat from B&Q

Sunday, 20 April 2014 by

B&Q appear to be marketing an interesting combined thermostat and programmer that seems to have some good reviews. Have any of you seen this before or know anything about it? In fact it seems there a number of people selling it including John Lewis. And the company NEST is owned by Google. Here’s the link

Open Homes Funding

Thursday, 19 September 2013 by

Newton and Noss Environment Group, Transition Tavistock and Transition Town Totnes have been successful in bidding for support from the Energy Savings Trust to hold Open Homes events. For more details see Events