Strategic Energy Study

Strategic Energy Study of the SW Devon Community Energy Partnership

Our Strategic Energy Study is the first stage of our Energy Plan. This baseline study and evidence base has been completed by the Centre for Energy & the Environment, University of Exeter.

The study provides a detailed analysis of the current position regarding energy use in the region and points to the areas where progress can best be made in reducing energy consumption and implementing renewable technologies.

Key Findings

  • Broadly, there is an equal split in energy consumption across the non-domestic, domestic and transport sectors in SW Devon.
  • The use of non-gas fuels in the homes is higher throughout SW Devon than nationally.
  • £0.4 billion is spent on energy in SW Devon – equivalent to about a fifth of the economic output of the area or about 15,000 full time jobs.
  • £2,600 per person per year is spent on energy in SW Devon.
  • Over half of the energy spend is on road transport.
  • There is plenty of potential to both reduce energy demand, and to generate more sustainable supplies of energy within the area.


Document Downloads

Strategic Energy Study Evidence Base - Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Strategic Energy Study - Evidence Base Main Report

Main Report

Strategic Energy Study Technical Appendix

Technical Appendix