Community Energy Resources

The SW Devon Community Energy Partnership members are reviewing existing tools and advice that are designed to help communities establish local energy groups, identify suitable roofs in their towns and villages for solar PV panels, and identify areas in their community that could be suitable for district heating.  Drawing on the expertise available from its members the Partnership has recommended tools and provided new guides on the Projects page.


Renewable Energy Opportunities

projects of the SW Devon Community Energy Partnership

Taking forward one of the recommendations of the SW Devon Community Energy Partnership’s Strategic Energy Study, the Partnership is exploring the opportunities for renewable energy deployment in the Partnership area. Communities for Renewables has been appointed to help each community identify locations suitable for community owned hydro, solar and wind energy projects.

Not only will this activity move the Partnership’s members closer to becoming financially self-sustaining, but it will also provide evidence for the preparation and review of the South Hams, West Devon and Dartmoor National Park Local Plans.

This work will be complete by July 2014.


Energy Savers

projects of the SW Devon Community Energy Partnership

One of the projects of the SW Devon Community Energy Partnership is called Energy Saver. This is a collaborative project between the Energy Savings Trust (EST) and the SW Devon Community Energy Partnership which is running until March 2015. The aim of this pilot project is to:

    1. Identify the part that community groups can play to drive uptake of retrofit measures and energy saving changes within domestic properties . This is to highlight any barriers in effective take-up of home improvements relating to efficiency measures and understand how they can be overcome through community engagement and joint working.
    2. Assess the potential advantage to be gained from establishing ‘blocks’ of households able to take up measures.
    3. Establish a core pool of retrofitted properties across a number of communities providing valuable case studies and encouraging further take up through peer to peer knowledge exchange.

The project is working with five communities in the SWDCEP area. These are:

Free energy workshops, funded by the Dartmoor National Park Authority,  are available in each community. As these are announced they will be publicised on the Events page.


Energy Champion Training

projects of the SW Devon Community Energy Partnership

Energy Champion Training

Thirty representatives from the SW Devon Community Energy Partnership communities have been trained by the Centre for Sustainable Energy in domestic energy efficiency. The  Energy Champions can offer advice on:

    • Low and no-cost measures that any householder can take to reduce their fuel use
    • The main controls found on a central heating system and how to use them
    • The functions of night storage heater controls and how to use them
    • Insulation and draught proofing options for different types of properties and circumstances
    • How to tackle damp and condensation
    • Interpreting energy bills and read meters
    • Changing fuel provider
    • The Green Deal process and ECO, and what help/advice is available

Contact your local SWD CEP group with your questions!